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According to statistics, only 40% of first dates turn into a long-term relationship. After spending an evening together, people may understand that they are not suitable for each other. But sometimes it happens that a girl likes a guy a lot, and her mistakes during a first date become a reason for a break-up. A young man can be pushed away by a vulgar appearance, bad manners, excessive timidity or arrogance, inability to lead a conversation, etc. In this article, you will learn what a girl should never do on a first date, and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Don’t Be Late For a Long Time

Non-punctual girls annoy many men. Even if you are half an hour late, a man will wait for you, and he is unlikely to want to waste time again. The first impression can be made only once, and if the meeting begins with your lateness, this will leave a negative aftertaste. If you are late for a good reason, be sure to call your gentleman and explain everything.

Don’t Dress and Behave Vulgarly

If you come on your first date with bright makeup, a deep neckline, and a short skirt, the guy will think that you are an affordable and illegible girl. In this case, you can forget about a serious relationship. The guy will either finish the first date quickly or will offer you to continue the evening in his bed.

In addition to the vulgar appearance, men do not like when a woman behaves in the same manner. You need to behave modestly and with dignity, observing etiquette and generally accepted rules of decency. If you want to learn how to conquer a man on the first date, critically evaluate your behavior.

Don’t Ask Silly and Too Serious Questions

The first date is not a job interview. There is no need to find out guy’s biography, financial situation, place of work, number of relatives, and relationships with them. You should not ask why your gentleman broke up with an ex-girlfriend. Also, you should not talk about your previous relationships with guys. The first meeting with a man is not suitable for discussing sex, marriage, and a shared future. It is better to talk about your plans for the future, interests, hobbies, and tastes.

Don’t Use Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, people go to sleep and wake up with a phone in their hands, but if you want to make a good impression, forget about it for a while. This is an easy way to demonstrate to your man that he is more interesting for you than a Facebook or Instagram news feed.

You can easily avoid these main mistake. Good luck on a date!


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