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A romantic date is always an exciting event for both a girl and a young man. But men have more responsibility. They should be responsible for choosing a place for a date and for making it at the highest level.

The Best Options For the First Date

For many guys, the question of dating is crucial. Many of them are lost when choosing a venue and type of activity for their chosen one. Consider some of below options.


A man can invite a girl to the park. There, you walk and have a pleasant conversation. However, this option is suitable for the warm season. If the weather is good, then the walk can be turned into a kind of tour around the city. Even if you both live near it for a long time, your chosen one may not know some facts from history about the city. If your first date happens in rainy autumn or cold winter, then a walk in the park can turn into something unpleasant.

Cafe or Restaurant

These establishments remain an excellent solution for the first meeting. Pay attention to the following rules when choosing a place:

  • To choose the right cafe, the gentleman must first visit the place and evaluate everything.
  • The venue should not be too noisy.
  • Do not choose fashionable restaurants for the first meeting. This may create a certain awkwardness which is undesirable on the first date.

Museum or Gallery

In a museum or at an exhibition, the date has some advantages.

You are guaranteed to have a topic for conversation. And even if both of you did not understand the essence of the expositions, tell each other about it and have a good laugh.

There is something languid and romantic in such places because of silence. However, the choice of the topic of the exhibition must be approached carefully. You should not invite a girl to an exhibition related to military topics. Erotic exposure is also not the best option.

Amusement Park

The first date with a girl will be unforgettable if you have this kind of fun. Do not forget to warn the girl that you will go to an amusement park. Let her wear comfortable jeans instead of a skirt. It is not recommended to choose extreme attractions because it is not known how the girl’s body will react.

Skating, Bowling, Billiards

You can call a girl for such a meeting if you are confident in her willingness to cope with physical activity. The guy should find out what kind of active entertainment the girl likes and allow her to win over him.


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